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The Meaning Behind "IF... THEN WELL"

In German, there is a saying that goes “Wenn Schon, Denn Schon.” Translated verbatim it would be something like “If so, then so.” In context, it refers to the idea of “If you are going to do something, then you should go all out.” Funny enough, we came across a clip from none other than the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that explains it very well here.

In our quest to find the perfect T, we found virtually zero correlation between price and quality. Pricing was not a function of quality but purely of marketing. More expensive should infer better quality but in reality, you were buying the status value of the logo. That really didn’t sit well with us and created an instinctive aversion to the idea of “building a brand.” This felt like the equivalent of “creating an illusion” and seemed inevitably dishonest. Our simple aspiration was to create the best men’s T-Shirt in the world, and our initial hope was that this feat alone would be enough to be successful. We quickly realized that this ‘promise’ was not unique and a deeper message was needed to differentiate ourselves from the countless “best t-shirt ever” (in our opinions, false) claims out there.

‘IF... THEN WELL’ captured our aspiration not only to create the absolute best T-Shirt in the world but also a way-of-life that ultimately our T-Shirts are meant to enable. Our focus on creating the highest quality and most versatile clothing article possible, should ultimately in some small way allow the person who owns it to focus more on what matters to them – as we take one daily decision off their plate… what to wear. 

There are three main philosophical components that we really love about the “IF... THEN WELL” concept:

  1. Simplicity/Focus – Excellence usually springs from focus on the key things that matter. The more we can eliminate unimportant decisions from our lives, the more it frees us up to focus on the stuff that matters.
  2. Uncompromising/Quality – At its core, our brand is about the idea that whatever you do, do it to best of your ability. It’s about taking joy in striving for excellence even in – especially in – the simplest of activities.
  3. Purposefulness/Awareness – We include three dots in our name and logo as a symbolic “fill in the blank” reference. The dots serve as a reminder to be aware of what you are doing so you can do it well.

There is some irony in the fact that we started very averse to spending much time on a marketing strategy. We just wanted to make great (we believe the BEST) T-Shirts. The brand promise behind “IF... THEN WELL” has absolutely become a guiding philosophy for us on a very personal level. An aspirational reminder that whatever we are doing, we should #DoItWell (oh, yeah – we even have a hashtag… who would have thought!).

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